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Photos of landscapers

A team of friends but above all real professionals



The size specialist

Two meters in height and even more in wingspan, it helps to pass over hedges and shrubs


The regulation specialist

He is on the ground while Johan is in the trees. He makes sure everything is going well on the pitch while Johan hangs on the branches and Alex prunes

Johan dans les arbres.jpg


The extreme specialist

They are not only there to cut your trees, they are above all there to beautify them, to eliminate dead branches, those which could be dangerous.


Well organized work

The plan that makes all the difference

They know it well, you can't work without a good organization. The plan is part of it.  Simple but everything is written on paper, there are no more surprises.


The work is not finished

We evacuate and we clean!

 The job is well done to the end! This task is all  the team  who clings to it, united until the curtain falls.

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