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The insects

AMBRurl_Insectes nocturne 4 (ID 1470)_LS

They surround us but we do not see them, nor pay them any particular attention except when they disturb us by their noise or when they sting us.


Yet they are there and they are part of the balance of life.

Learn to look at them, to observe them, as we do and you will discover, that they too, have the right to live and not to end up crushed by a fag or under a shoe.

Of course, some can be dangerous and they have to be used with caution, but most don't mean any harm to us.


So, we wish you good observation!

Araignée vert
syrphe (famille des diptères) au dessus d'une fleur
petit scarabé noir sur le pistil d'une fleur jaune
Mouche stercoraire (Scatophaga stercoraria)
coccinelle rouge (coccinella septempunctata)
insecte rouge
Goutte d'eau sur un brin d'herbe
coccinelle au bout d'un brin de blé
Syrphe sur une pétale de fleur

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