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in the field

Photographers in the field

As you can see, we are field photographers . We like to walk around, each with his camera slung over his shoulder, to capture the present moment.

Depending on the season, the walks differ:

- spring : births, the awakening of nature

- summer  : insects, landscapes as we travel

- autumn:  forests and their colors

- winter : snow, fog, small birds that we observe.

You'll forgive my amusement but I couldn't help but put little fake animals in our photos! I let you find them...

photographe dans un champs de blé
photographe avec des bleuets
photographe les pieds dans l'eau
photographe qui prend des vaches en photo
photographe qui marche sur la route
photographe dans la neige
photographe au milieu des bottes de paille
photographe au bord de la mer
photographe qui marche au bord de la loire
photographe qui prend un pêcheur au milieu d'une rivière
photographe au milieu ds vaches
photographe qui prend un cygne
photographe de dos au bord d'un étang