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Île d'Oléron

Oléron island

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Welcome to our five-day vacation on an island enchantress

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A first stage of our short journey, settled inChateau d'Oleronand its essentialCitadel.

We found it more interesting to show you theold stones  and the magnificent stairs that you can climb at your leisure, rather than the citadel itself!

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APort All in colors

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Not far from hereCitadel, is the Port and the village ofCraftsmenofChateau d'Oleron.

Since 1999, the municipality has been rehabilitating the oldoyster hutsfrom the port to welcome artists and craftsmen.

Yellows, blues, reds, greens... all the bright colors are there to catch the eye of passers-by.

At the end of February, very few of them are open but it is a pleasure to stroll in the middle of all these colors. Despite the gray weather, we have the impression that there issun.

This place shines!


The City of Oyster Farmers


La Baudissière

village d'huitre.jpg
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village d'huitre 3.jpg
village d'huitre 4.jpg

Our second day on the island leads us"oyster road"whom we will baptize"the city of oyster farmers".

Abicycle ride, very friendly, in the middle of the oyster farming area, in ahazy atmosphere.

A place that seems, in this winter season, out of time!

Cabins, canals, oyster bags as far as the eye can see and...nobody except a few oyster farmers with their skin worn by the sea air.

village d'huitre 6.jpg


Plage dans le brouillard



Cannes à pêche dans le brouillard
Les cannes des pêcheurs allignées
Gros plan d'une canne à pêche
2 Pêcheurs dans le brouillard

Today, day 3: thefogis thick!

The walk will therefore be on foot, from theFort of the Saumonards, reaching the beach through thePine forest.

OURphotographic walkis compromised with all this fog!

Fort Boyardis absolutely not visible but we are advancing on the beach at a good pace.

And then, like a mirage, we make out a few fishermen in the distance. Phew! We thought we were lost!

We are near theBoiler beach. Our walk made us lose track of time. 

However, we find a real opportunity to take pictures somewhat...supernatural.

dessin des cabanes de plage de la Boirie
Cabanes de plage de la Boirie allignées
Cabanes de plage de la Boirie

La Boirie

Cabane de plage bleue avec le Phare de Chassiron
Cabnes de plage blanche et bleues
Décoration dauphins sur cabane

La Boirie beach huts, all decorated and painted with shimmering colors, will take you back in time to the middle of the19th century, at the time of the discovery of the benefits of seawater baths andfirst paid vacation.

Today, these pretty huts are still used to change before going to bathe on thiswonderful beach of Saint-Denis d'Oléron, located south of the marina.



The wild coast

La Côte Sauvage
La Côte Sauvage
Au large du Phare de Chassiron

And here we are on our way to the tip of the island with its mythicalChassiron lighthouse.

A classic when browsingOleron.

By bicycle, we therefore set off from ourcamping car, armed with cameras!

After going around the lighthouse, we pass by "Wild side".

A rather radical change in the landscape! 

In front of us, stand cliffs where the waves come to project themselves with boldness!

Plage - La Côte Sauvage
Chemin de la Côte Sauvage


canard 2.png

Giraudiere Beach

The Grand-Village-Beach

Plage de la Giraudière
Surfeur dans le coucher de soleil

Our last evening, we spent it on the beach,Grand Village Beach.

Asunsetout of the ordinary allowed us to take pictures oforiginal surf.

As if the sun wanted to greet our arrival and give us a last gift before our departure.

The surfers had a blast until nightfall, waiting"The wavewhich could allow us to immortalize the moment.

Thanks to them for this magnificent show!

If you like our photos of surfers,   others are available in private albums, type the code "surf-oléron" and enjoy.

We couldn't let you leave the page without offering you pictures ofFort Boyard. So there it is, it's done!

And more pictures

Moulin du Douhet
Maison en pierres de l'île d'Oléron
Rue de Verdun - Le Château d'Oléron
escalier Fort des Saumonards
Boulevard du général Paquette - Le Château d'Oléron
Bergeronnette grise
Fort Boyard et les Bernaches à marée basse
Fort Boyard vu depuis la Plage des Saumonards

Fort Boyard

Lever de soleil sur un voilier depuis la plage des Saumonards

Your servants


We present ourselves in our best light: Nathalie always focused and patient, on the lookout for the beautiful image and Marc proud to present his faithful steed goes everywhere which allows him to move to get the photo even in difficult places. 'access.

Marc sur son vélo

thank you for your visit


You can see below the inspiration generated by our little trip to the island of Oléron 

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