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The mountain

For once, no camera on the slopes. Too bulky! So we preferred the phone. The heavy equipment was put in the cupboard and priority was given to the glide and the speed.
I think the result is rather conclusive!
We were in Châtel and we made a short passage on the Avoriaz area.

chalet panoramique
1 (3).jpg

A first day of skiing in snow and fog, but what a pleasure to find the Châtel slopes! Pretty fresco made with a tasty mixture of on ex and under ex.

1 (32).jpg

Q u'elles are beautiful track when good weather is back



1 (21).jpg

E veryone follows the leader

page entrée-2.jpg

W e felt like we were in StarWars, for fans, of course!

1 (9).jpg

it's joy! Finally at the restaurant after a morning of skiing ...

1 (13).jpg
1 (24).jpg
1 (4).jpg
1 (27).jpg

You would think you were at the end of the world ... but these are just the mountains of the doors of the sun.


In voriaz

1 (16).jpg


1 (17).jpg

A fter a snowy night, a painting

1 (5).jpg

Chatel haul at nightfall, what a pleasant moment!

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