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Nat's diary

le village au centre de la france_edited

The landscapes of 


Discovering France and sometimes Europe, with a camera slung over my shoulder, that's what I would like to do more often. My holidays are partly used for this, so discover some pictures throughout the site!

sanglier et son petit

The large animals

from Sologne

I work for someone who has land in Sologne. Every afternoon, crossing them, I see, from time to time, some fallow deer, roe deer or wild boar. I have only one desire left, to hunt...the image, of course! So, my work finished, the beautiful shot, the beautiful image does not wait. Immortalizing these beautiful animals brings me  joy and delights me. Now it's up to you to enjoy...

The sport


I am surrounded by athletes, which allows me to freeze these moments of effort. It is enough to wait for the beautiful movement, the rictus of suffering or joy, to trigger. I'm not in my element. You have to work more   on instinct than when I find myself in my countryside, in the middle of my grass  or my flowers, but what a pleasure when the image is perfect and the effort is visible!

point d'eau verre triathlon
libellule (100).jpg

The insects


I am lucky to live in the countryside, to have a garden,  to be surrounded by fields, ponds, woods. Beautiful outdoor and natural studios. The ideal setting to exploit my passion, to observe the world of the extremely small! 
What pride when the image is successful...


The Sologne, humid and very wooded. I take advantage that all these species of birds have chosen to live or are passing through my region but do not imagine that they are posing in front of the photographer! if I get too close or lack discretion, the horizon changes and goodbye beautiful images! I say this with a lot of humor but that's what happens most often.

The big birds


The little Birds

Our garden is home to several species of sparrows and other small birds. In winter, they really appreciate the seeds that we put on various displays for them in the shelter of neighborhood cats ! This Robin, we call it "thief" ! as soon as we put our cat's kibble in the cup, without fear, he steals one or two. He's the friendliest !



As with insects, we find multiple categories of flowers close to where we live. Inspiration is within reach of our cameras. From February to September, the  gardens and fields bloom and give us the chance to take magnificent pictures. We find the most beautiful blueberries in the middle of the wheat fields. 

Photos, texts and creation: nm-lefevre . com

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