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Director and creator of websites

Website creation agency in Sully sur Loire on  WordPress and Wix.

Our job is to create and administer your website, to be with you from birth to the end of this project. We will put all the tools we have at our disposal to achieve it.

The stages of creating a website

shema de travail

To exchange

Create content

To build

Recognition of your business

Regional visibility

National and international visibility

Be visible and easily reachable

A website is a house that must be built with reflection, a lot of discussion, plans and good project managers.

We are able to do all of this for you!

Define your objectives, target your customers, tell your story, to:

- understand your desires,

- develop a tree structure,

- fill each page with paper and pencil to create a prototype,

- make the model,

- find the keywords that will highlight your site on search engines,

and that's when we'll have the assurance that your project is ready, ready to be designed.

It is useless to design the most beautiful site in the world if no one ever comes to visit it and vice versa, it is useless to have 1000 visitors per week and these 1000 visitors do not go further than half of the first page.

A website is your showcase! It represents you, it's your business card but also your business and to succeed in this construction, you have to be seen everywhere: on search engines and social networks, that's why you need a team of professionals. who learned to design this kind of work.

Our page design tools

WordPress and Wix

wix .png

We are working on WordPress. This CMS (Content Management System), the most used in the world, allows us to create a high level site for you in terms of security.
We have a coding base but we use it to have a better reading of the site. We will install many applications for you that will enhance your site.

We are also working on Wix. It is a CMS less known than WordPress but which has its advantages . This site was built with Wix and if you managed to find us, it's good!

All you have to do is appreciate our work.

Our graphic design tools


The essential tools to make your pages attractive and unique, adobe tools will take you where you want to go!

Social networks and the tagging tool


We will install you on social networks so as to have better visibility with your local customers.

We will set up the Google Analytics tags, knowing that in the CMS we use, a tagging system is already installed.


W e work with all the analysis and audit tools on the market. We will study the best keywords, it is one of the essential factors of success. We will dress your site with your colors, your style and your identity thanks to our illustrations and our layouts, a mixture of literary discipline and artistic creation.

If you still have doubts, contact us, it will be with pleasure that we discuss your project.

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